Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I miss,
that haunting stillness, 
that deafening silence,
my frozen memoir of life,
some call it heaven,
but I call it 'home'....

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Art to wait....

We have mastered 
our ability to wait.. 
Yes, to keep waiting for 
Have seen this trait in rich practice 
back home 
where we are aware 
that they won't return. 
Searching from pillar to post,
from meadows to the quicksand,
from north to south,
tilling the soil, 
looking for the remains
but the wait is on. 
While blending 
our helplessness and agony,
days became months 
and then years, 
and then decades
but the wait is on

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A glimmer of hope

A few days back, battling with the restlessness due to yet another possibility of floods back home in Kashmir, I stepped out and tried to divert myself with a stroll around the lawn. On one of the branches of a tree I spotted a small bird chirping and flying around like a whirlwind. 
I went closer and found a nest on a frail branch of that tree. My eyes lit up when I found two tiny thumbnail sized eggs that looked like tiny white marbles. 
What amazed me was the beauty and craftsmanship with which the birds had shaped up their nest. A glimmer of hope enveloped me as I pondered over the birds' quest to start a small world of their own. The tiny green bird wandered around to get more twigs and bind its world together. It gave me hope to stand tall and face what this creation throws at us. 
The storms rise and challenge us in life but they die down too.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We the slaves!

We are living in times where by means of ever more effective means of mind-manipulation, the democracies are changing their own meaning. 
We live in a world where we have started depending on a system which is based on brainwashing the masses with series of propaganda. 
We have drugs that make us happy when we should be sad. We forget that there is a reason why we are sad and we need to know why that is happening to our body. 
The scariest thing is controlling our mind subliminally on the basis of data out of Internet searches, pages we go to, things that we click on. 
We just fuel their power with every product we buy. Funny that we find their product useful but don't realize they are only distractions. 
Are we loving to be their slaves forever? 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Stream - Kashmir Flood - #KashmirFloods

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stay strong

Such helplessness! I felt it while I was away from home in 2008 and while being caged inside my home for months in 2010. Even in the holy month, the bludgeon continued. 
Whatever is happening today in Gaza (and whatever happened there during 2012) gives me the same impuissance after watching the insensitive arrogant oppressor pushing an entire civilian population to the brink of annihilation. Such insensitivity when non-combatants are massacred with impunity is nauseating (I won't talk about the violation of so-called Humanitarian law/s). 
The hypocritical silence and inactiveness of the ones who could act against this onslaught is deplorable but it is encouraging to see countless individual voices of concern around. At least hearts are drifting in one direction. 
More strength to the brave souls of Palestine!

Saturday, June 28, 2014


 The blazing day eventually gives way to a calm sunshine.  
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