Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One moment of Anger

"If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow". - Chinese Proverb.

Today I am in a quest of finding out something about a feelling called "anger". I have analysed a few things about this entity. How tough and strong a person is, is not to be measured by the extent of his anger but by the size of the problem it takes to get him angry. A man's power is not to be measured by how destructive and powerful his rage is, but by the strength of his patience and self discipline. An out-of control anger is an emotional deficiency rather than a strength. I think every reasonable person will buy this point.

If we do a cost benefit analysis, look at the cost one pays for violent anger. A bully in a school can terrify a few kids but can never get admiration and friendship of other kids. A man who mixes rage with love is totally lonely. A rageful man does not come to experience true closeness with his partner. His partner never experiences happiness and is reduced to a nervous wreck. His children are scared and distant from him and may grow to be equally out-of control and abusive in beaviour. Many people suffer from a helpless rage. They don't know what makes them so angry. They may be trapped in their rage just like a person trapped in a house on fire.

So what is it like for a person who had a rage problem and got a handle on it? There are plenty of rewards waiting for those who decide to let go of their rage and violence. Patience pays!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going Social - a research on top 100 CEOs

A research conducted by the blog looked at Fortune's 2009 list of the top 100 CEOs to determine how many were using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, or had a blog -- and found they were mostly absent from the rapidly growing social media community.
The study found only two CEOs had Twitter accounts and 81 percent of CEOs did not have a personal Facebook page.
Only 13 CEOs had profiles on the professional networking site LinkedIn. Three CEOs stood out with more than 80 connections but they were all from technology companies -- Michael Dell from computer maker Dell Inc., Gregory Spierkel from technology products distributor Ingram Micro Inc., and John Chambers from Cisco Systems Ltd.
Three quarters of the CEOs did have some kind of Wikipedia entry, but nearly a third of those had limited or outdated information such as incorrect titles, or lacked sources.
Not one Fortune 100 CEO had a blog.

For the complete article, please find the link below

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friends!! Happy Diwali!!

Wish you a happy and prosperous Diwali!
Clicked on my Canon EOS 1000D. (Specifications on request)

And I am back with a YES!

My friends must have been waiting for me as I haven't been scribing much. I am back now determined to fill in this space and keep pinging you with small pieces.
On my way to office, I read one quote on a billboard: God is never late.. (that struck me the most).. “God is never on a hurry, but He is always on time".

Above. Interiors of Jamia Masjid - The Grand Masjid of Srinagar, Kashmir

Everything happens for a reason… yes, a cliché. One actually hears this over and over again especially during those disturbing moments but cliché as it is, the impact on each one of us is undoubtedly - impressive. Its application on our daily life is like a cure to a terminal disease. We only have to listen to our hearts and listen to His voice within us. He never left us during those crises when we feel that we were alone and solace was nowhere to be found. He is among us, waiting for the perfect timing to pour out His blessings or to let us realize His much-awaited answer - whether a YES - if your aim is a possibility or a NO if what you desire will aggravate a growing disease inside you - a curable disease of sin (as any form of greediness or selfish intentions which may result to undesirable persona within you).
I am just thankful for his YES. .and though it is not yet an entirely ‘Yes’ one.. i am thankful..

To Him be all the glory and honor!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Austin Cabriolet - here in Hyderabad

Was looking for Vintage cars - Also found this rare Austin cut door Cabriolet.

Clicked on my Canon EOS 1000D. (Specifications on request)
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