Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I saw a Beetle!!

I saw a Super Beetle Saloon 1302 L parked on a street. It was an awesome sight as I had never seen this beauty on roads. My fingers tickled and in no time took out my weapon and started shooting this little star. I had read a lot about the car and even seen it on TV but I relished the moment when I touched this legend.
My dream car was originally known as Käfer, the German word for "beetle", from which the popular English nickname originates. It was not until August 1967 that the Volkswagen corporation itself began using the name Beetle in marketing materials in the US. In Britain, VW never used the name Beetle officially.
Beetle was first made in 1938 and was discontinued in 2003. 21,529,464 Beetles were built within this period.
Recently, in an international poll for the award of the world's most influential car of the twentieth century the Beetle came fourth after the Ford Model T, the Mini, and the Citroën DS.
Made my day today!

Super Beetle Saloon 1302 L

Super Beetle Saloon 1302 L

Super Beetle Saloon 1302 L

Super Beetle Saloon 1302 L

All of these are clicked on my Canon EOS 1000D. (Specifications on request)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fingers Crossed!!

Who says earth is round? It appears flat to me. I am aware that even a toddler can prove my theory wrong in a second. Like those midieval pirates I am on my way to rediscover the world. I do not know why but I am determined to achieve that feat of reclamation.
A few days back I learnt a few lessons out of the blue.
The learning were so influencing that they strengthened and reinforced the embedded faith within me.
I sensed a glimpse of Almighty's might that can defy the wildest of wildest thoughts.
GOD is Great!!
What next? nobody knows. I have my fingers crossed, what about you?

All of these are clicked on my Canon EOS 1000D. (Specifications on request)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day Six - Clicked!

GUJJAR Bakarwals - The Gypsies of Pir Panjal and Himalayas is a nomadic tribe based in the Pir Panjal and Himalayan mountains of South Asia. They are mainly goatherds and shepherds.

King Khan

Gujjar Women

All of these are clicked on my Canon EOS 1000D. (Specifications on request)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day Five - Clicked!

Friends, I apologise for the delay in this post as last night was a holy night for us (Shab-e-Qadr). This night comes every year during the month of Ramadan. It has a huge significance as our Holy Quraan was revealed during this very occasion.  
On day five, I had done a bit of clicking. Hope you like these.


A Tongawalla through a street of Srinagar

River Jehlum, the lifeline of Srinagar, shot from the historical street known as The Bund
Chain of Houseboats can be seen on the banks of Jehlum

An old man taking a nap in his Shikara under the shade of a houseboat

All of these are clicked on my Canon EOS 1000D. (Specifications on request)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day Four - Clicked!

I remember these lines by Cummings that I read sometime back..
"I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes."
Even Albert Einstein explaining the complexities of universe had said
"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
I am a strong believer of these views, that is the reason why you will find dominance of nature in my work. I believe that mom nature provides ample opportunities to everyone but few people make an effort to capture it. There are many who do not bother to notice what is going around when it is happening. But my suggestion to everyone is to stay in touch with nature with a conscious mind.
While driving through the outskirts of the city, i managed to get these shots. Hope you like them.
"Quack Quack" 
 Follow me
 Waiting for the Godot!
Parking Zone

All of these are clicked on my Canon EOS 1000D. (Specifications on request)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day Three - Clicked!

A sluggish day for me. I felt something missing but was not able to discover what was the thing that was bothering me. I managed to capture a few shots that I felt were worth sharing.
I can say a couple of them depict colors of nature at its best.
Stay tuned!

Fiery Fly
Loaded Copter (Fujifilm)
Clicked on my Canon EOS 1000D and FujiFilm Finepix S7000. (Specifications on request)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Day Two - Clicked!

Here I come again with another bunch of beauties. These shots were taken at one of my favourite spots that I always visit. It is the famous pitstop for most, on the banks of Dal Lake where you get Corn (Butta).
It was dusk and getting dark, a perfect time to open wide the aperture of my machine. 
Enjoy it!
I promise you more, so better you visit again!
Above. A Dal fisherman offering prayers.
In the background the famous hill Koh-e-maran
Above. Light and shade playing hide and seek
Above. The hill called Takht-e-sulaeman
Above. Makki/Butta/Corn
This is what I was talking about
Above. Just a try - Shutter delayed
All of these are clicked on my Canon EOS 1000D. (Specifications on request)

Day One - Clicked!

It was my first day at home and my new machine has already started churning out some results. Here are a few pics that I managed to capture during the day.
Will keep clicking and sharing. Stay tuned!!
All of these are clicked on my Canon EOS 1000D. (Specifications on request)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Myself 2.0

With the changing times one is bound to bring changes within oneself just like software that has to be patched with new upgrades to work better and support changing technological environment. Let me write something about myself today. I feel a need to describe myself to those who do not know me and to those also who know me since long. I can term this as an upgraded version of me – myself – Myself 2.0
For me, these days, ‘Clumsy’ has become an understatement. I have transformed into an accident-prone freak, to the point that I am getting used to it! Accident now has been my companion and first aid-kit is a priority in my what-I-have-to-bring list.
I used to think about my life as an open book, but actually it is not. I’m not transparent anymore and I do not simply pour out my emotions to anyone as I used to do. You cannot read my mind but I am not mysterious. I try…. I will try harder to not be obnoxious.
I am just discreet to every word I say. I believe that it is better to be offended than to be the offender. But I am no goody-goody :)
I know I’m often being bullied – I am aware of that.
I feel I am often misunderstood. Even I know that I am odd, I am weird but I am no rogue.
I can be funny to the extent that I drag myself to be the object of the joke. The problem is I am getting used to it.
If sleeping can be considered a passion, I am into it now. I can sleep 18 hours in a go. I just discovered this capability a few days back.
I love to watch TV…. even commercials.
I love to watch cartoons, isn’t this being childish?
For me, this is an effective tool for a grown up to recollect memories by doing the things he used to love as a child. Funny as it seems, but there is a child in each one of us. A tap on the shoulder will bring him out.
I can be a good listener. I have a shoulder to put your head on.
I love to watch, sci-fi, out–of–this world plots and a few reality shows.
Nowadays, I love wearing black or grey maybe I just want to be unseen or it might just be a silent rebellious act?
I may not be present always but that does not mean I don’t care.

Hey the trial version download of Myself 2.0 is over. Please acquire rights for the full version. Please report any bug in the code, if found. Feedback form attached!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Long weekend.. Yahoo!!
Where else to go?? I rather stay home, more comfty :), albeit others who might prefer to go out to experience life or to check what is going on in the city. The true meaning of life for me is to stay in my cradle and sleep soundly like a child and to think that it is a Holy week.
You are expected to reflect on your contributions as a person. Have I been a good child or not? Have I been a good boy to my neighbour instead?
We tend to divert from the true purpose of this long long weekend vacation.. It's not for us to simply relax and be ecstatic! It's for us to meditate, to respond to the needs of our soul, to nourish it, to ponder over the words of God and to let them intervene in our lives.

The time to start is now..
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