Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Myself 2.0

With the changing times one is bound to bring changes within oneself just like software that has to be patched with new upgrades to work better and support changing technological environment. Let me write something about myself today. I feel a need to describe myself to those who do not know me and to those also who know me since long. I can term this as an upgraded version of me – myself – Myself 2.0
For me, these days, ‘Clumsy’ has become an understatement. I have transformed into an accident-prone freak, to the point that I am getting used to it! Accident now has been my companion and first aid-kit is a priority in my what-I-have-to-bring list.
I used to think about my life as an open book, but actually it is not. I’m not transparent anymore and I do not simply pour out my emotions to anyone as I used to do. You cannot read my mind but I am not mysterious. I try…. I will try harder to not be obnoxious.
I am just discreet to every word I say. I believe that it is better to be offended than to be the offender. But I am no goody-goody :)
I know I’m often being bullied – I am aware of that.
I feel I am often misunderstood. Even I know that I am odd, I am weird but I am no rogue.
I can be funny to the extent that I drag myself to be the object of the joke. The problem is I am getting used to it.
If sleeping can be considered a passion, I am into it now. I can sleep 18 hours in a go. I just discovered this capability a few days back.
I love to watch TV…. even commercials.
I love to watch cartoons, isn’t this being childish?
For me, this is an effective tool for a grown up to recollect memories by doing the things he used to love as a child. Funny as it seems, but there is a child in each one of us. A tap on the shoulder will bring him out.
I can be a good listener. I have a shoulder to put your head on.
I love to watch, sci-fi, out–of–this world plots and a few reality shows.
Nowadays, I love wearing black or grey maybe I just want to be unseen or it might just be a silent rebellious act?
I may not be present always but that does not mean I don’t care.

Hey the trial version download of Myself 2.0 is over. Please acquire rights for the full version. Please report any bug in the code, if found. Feedback form attached!

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Unknown said...

loved it.. other than the cartoon part i am much the same..

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