Friday, August 29, 2008


Last Sunday, while on our way to a Cricket match, me and Aagam (my batch mate at the cricket club) stopped by a roadside tiffin centre for a cup of tea. It was early morning and not much bustle around. Sipping that Irani tea I saw an old man - probably a beggar coming towards us. With a commanding voice, he ordered three glasses of tea and sat on the table next to us. Aagam went aghast!!!, "Bhaya what was that, I heard 3", uttered he. I told him that it was 3 indeed.
Fiddling and checking his pockets frequently, he was looking for something. We were watching carefully, each moment of his.
Then came another surprise. Somewhere from the suburbs of his clothes, he pulled out a cloth and placed it on the table. Opened it carefully as we were watching each and every move. Suddenly he gave us a look with his piercing eyes. Aagam was damn scared.
Finally the old man unfurled the cloth and took out lots and lots of coins. All kinds of coins, I mean all possible denominations available.
My friend whispered saying that he has not seen that many coins in his entire life.... he he...
The beggar started sorting the coins and simultaneously sipping cups of tea. Started to make scrapers of coins. We were mere spectators.
I took my camera phone and asked Agam to shoot a pic but he was damn scared with the look, the old man gave him. I took the initiative to click a pic and finally i managed to do so. It is worth watching.
We decided to move on and join our team that has been waiting for us on the field. But it was quiet a good memorable moment that i wanted to pen down and share with you.
He was a "big beggar" indeed...

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