Thursday, September 3, 2009


Long weekend.. Yahoo!!
Where else to go?? I rather stay home, more comfty :), albeit others who might prefer to go out to experience life or to check what is going on in the city. The true meaning of life for me is to stay in my cradle and sleep soundly like a child and to think that it is a Holy week.
You are expected to reflect on your contributions as a person. Have I been a good child or not? Have I been a good boy to my neighbour instead?
We tend to divert from the true purpose of this long long weekend vacation.. It's not for us to simply relax and be ecstatic! It's for us to meditate, to respond to the needs of our soul, to nourish it, to ponder over the words of God and to let them intervene in our lives.

The time to start is now..

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