Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I see you ..

An interesting phenomenon that happens when I look at my own pictures… maybe it happens to you as well. Every now and then I see myself and I look similar to what I think I look like. I look like the image that stares back at me from the mirror every day.
But most of the time I do not look like that personality at all and it feels a little weird. It feels uneasy, and a little insecure, when I do not look like the image of myself I have been carrying around in my mind. It also feels a little disappointing. I practice looking at myself, finding the things I like in my own reflection, so that I can learn to accept myself. When I see something very different from that image it throws me off balance a little. I find myself staring at the photo looking for traces of the person I know, looking for what I find beautiful and acceptable in the image I see in front of me. I guess it is that need to feel okay with myself.
The image is clicked on my Canon EOS 1000D.
(Specifications on request)

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