Friday, September 5, 2008

Hyderabadi Harley!

This post is an eye-opener to all the stunt bikers who think they are the only dare devils. There are others too who have breathtaking talent.

I happened to go out with my colleague for a meeting. I avoided my bike and we decided to go by car as the temperatures were soaring high. As we were moving through the Greenland flyover, we spotted an unusual vehicle.
At first sight, it took me a few moments to recognise the type of vehicle that just zipped by. With eyes wide open I was trying to grasp the fact that it was a bike. I asked my colleague to follow the biker so as I can understand what exactly that entity was. One thin that we noticed about the vehicle was that it was fully overloaded. I have no words to explain how the vehicle was put to test and loaded in such a way that its appearance was deceptive.
It seemed to be a perfect transformation of the bike from an absolute case of malnutrition to a fat beast. The bike was loaded in such a way that its appeared HUGE.
I suggest you see it with your own eyes.

A word about the biker, "over skilled". Hats off to the rider who was managing the vehicle with such an ease. It seemed to be a cake walk through the busy dense traffic. I wonder how he was controlling the stuff.
He proved to be a show stopper as everyone whom he overtook was looking at him with dilated pupils even in the brightness of scotching afternoon.

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