Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Work Of Art

" I am an artist at living - my work of art is my life "
These words of Suzuki ranks top of my favorite quotes. “My work of art is my life!!!” How true and philosophical!!!!

We appreciate paintings, sculptures, photographs, writings and many other art forms that we come across but most of us fail to understand that our own life is a canvas or clay or a rock which can be painted or molded or sculpt into a beautiful art!!! We are born, we live, we die … and in that lifespan, our life takes different cues, different changes, different adaptations, different colors, different forms that would determine at the end of the day – the value and the beauty of the art and if the world would declare it as a master piece or discard it as monumental mistake or just be forgotten among the millions of nameless art forms that are quickly forgotten and lost in the crowd.
I believe that it’s not purely necessary that we live a life that would be of a celebrity or known to millions across the world but live a life with a purpose and a meaning that would give inner satisfaction to us without hurting the personal space of others. How many of us are lost in this world doing things against the wishes of our inner self. How many of us are lost in the tangle of compulsions of different reasons that they have to sacrifice their real seeking. What I just want to say is, of course life is short but after sometime treading into the maze of things which we force upon us for various compulsions at least before out life ends, we should apply ourselves to work on the “real call” of our inner self – whatever it be and in whatever field it may be but of course in the right direction. Ok that’s all the life shastra for the day !

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