Friday, May 7, 2010

Pleasing everyone - you are on the wrong track!

The very idea of not pleasing everyone scares most people. But it is a requisite to position yourself against others in a way that matters. Doing this might create enemies. It will certainly unnerve your competitors.
If you are really being yourself, others are going to love you and others are going to hate you. The point is you’ll evoke some sort of reaction.
Not only should you not try to please everyone, you should actively try to speak to a certain group even if framing ideas in that way alienates others. That’s the problem with most people – they walk on eggshells and are afraid to have any sort of viewpoint. Yet analyzing, taking sides, causing controversy and being critical are all what makes for compelling conversation.


Unknown said...

hi majid..humera here!! love your articles..still ur articles are soo pleasing n actively touching to our hearts!! way to go!!

Old Man & Me said...

Thank you so much!
Will try to touch more diverse but involving issues.. Stay tuned :)

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