Saturday, July 14, 2012

The heritage you leave behind

Among the pre-Mughal muslim building of Kashmir, one of the most prominent is the masjid of Madin Sahib at Zadibal. The monument is a masterpiece and carries very distinct architectural feature including earthen roof, khatamband (ceiling made of thin pieces of wood worked in geometric patterns) and the tile work. The structure is famous for its glazed tile work throughout the world. The structure is a protected monument and some part of it was renovated by the State archaeology department.
The north of the masjid is the tomb of the saint. In ancient times it must have presented a brilliant spectacle, as its entire wall surface was decorated with glazed tiles, most of which have unfortunately been removed and sold out of Kashmir. A few fragments are preserved in the Pratap Museum, Srinagar.
I was surprised to see the shrine locked and not accessible to the public. The reasons behind is the controversy related to control of the shrine.
My best friend rightly said, "I do not understand how human beings can arrest such an exquisite piece of art and not allow other human beings to witness it. It is absolutely unjust on their parts as this shrine needs admirers and not a curtain to keep it away from admiring eyes."
The shrine was guarded by the caretaker and according to him no one can enter the premise of the shrine. One needs to get special permission from the regional administrative offices to do that.
Both the tomb and the masjid were built in memory of the same person, and the inscription on the lintel of the entrance of the masjid records the date of its erection as A.H. 888 (A.D. 1483) in the reign of Zain-ul-abidin.
The shrine is believed to be the only structure in valley representing all essential features of old Kashmiri architecture.
Not about anything else but is all about the heritage you leave behind.

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