Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chingus Sarai

'Chingus' (Persian for Gut/intestines) Sarai
A few days back I had an opportunity to visit this monument of Mughal era located on Nowshera-Rajouri route (Rajouri District in the Jammu division, J&K). The monument dates back to 16th century AD.
Emperor Jahangir passed away in 1627 A.D while travelling via Mughal road near Rajouri. In order to avoid possible confrontation of succession among the princes, Noor Jahan kept the fact a secret from the people and the caravan and to avoid decomposition of the body the entrails were buried at this monument known as Chingus Sarai.
Then the rest of the body was taken to Lahore for formal burial. After the burial of entrails, this Sarai came to be known as Mughal Sarai-Chungus or Chingus Sarai.
(A detailed article follows soon)

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