Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cops turn Goons

A bunch of maniacs and goons passed by our street, smashing all the windowpanes of residential houses and throwing abuses. The culprits were none other than the Central Reserve Police Force - CRPF personnel. Ours locality being one of the inactive areas, I was trying to figure out the cause of this insane behaviour that too without provocation. Some deadly spirits might have possessed these goons resulting in this out-of-the-world act.
I heard similar stories of other areas from my friends and relatives. They had similar tales to tell. The Indian paramilitary CRPF restored to stone pelting without provocation in a few areas. They even tried to cut the power supply at multiple locations. What are they up to?
Actually, they (CRPF) have really got their basics wrong. It seems there is no training manual devised for these poor souls. They are doing no good for their country..
I could see the real face of a great democracy through these so-called ambassadors.. the one and only "CRPF".
Note: The images are clicked by GK lensman Aman Farooq


Rayan Naqash said...

damage caused to private property including a mosque by crpf in zainakot amounts to lacs of rupees but none of the media has give importance to it...

Majid Pandit said...

Yes Rayan, I fail to understnd the dynamics of media out here. Even recent incident at Shalteng where school kids were hit by an army vehicle did not receive coverage the very next day. It was only after three days when one of the so called leading daily covered on page 7.. Dissapointing!

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