Sunday, July 11, 2010

What Are You Optimistic About?

Today's EDGE question is exactly that - WHAT ARE YOU OPTIMISTIC ABOUT?
Lots of smart people answered.

Here’s why I’m optimistic:
Not only are the world’s mightiest starting to feel the heat for not solving the problems of the oppressed world, but, our generation appears to be seeking greater meaning and fulfilment in life at a younger age. Their idea about being free is much more resolved. No confusion at all!
My optimism results from the belief that, like any other point in our history, the interests of the revolutionaries and experienced older generation are aligned with the interests of the passionate youth - a desire to be Free.
What are you optimistic about?

1 comment:

aijaz said...

I am optimistic about the younger generation which sometime back was swayed and bent towards cricket and bollywood have now realised who we are,how we are,where we are and where we want to go ahead.seeing youth take the lead and show the world an insight to what an innocent kashmiri wants has rekindled hope in me and i am optimistic.

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